KJ Jones Brand Manager, 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords
May 23, 2014
Photos By: KJ Jones

As many of our regular followers know, we work very closely with Ricardo and Gonzalo Topete (and their crew) at GTR High Performance in Rancho Cucamonga, California. In all actuality, GTR has become an unofficial “home away from home” of sorts for your editor over the years, as KJ has spent many’a day--and night--out in Rancho, working on 5.0 tech projects with the great staff at GTR.

One of the cool things about some of those projects, or, more specifically, owners of the Mustangs that we use for various tech efforts, is their loyalty to GTR and the frequency that we find their ‘Stangs back in the shop for additional mods and upgrades, long after our tech projects are done and down the road. 

During a recent visit to GTR—to drop off an Edelbrock E-Force supercharger system that will be featured in an upcoming tech report—we were surprised to see a familiar Fox ‘Stang on the roller of GTR’s Dynojet chassis dyno. The Pony belongs to Geoff Connors, and it’s the ‘’88 GT that we used to learn the virtues of Kenne Bell’s “Blowzilla” 2.1L, twin-screw supercharger system for ’86-’93 V-8 Mustangs, in “Return of Foxzilla,” an article that appeared in the magazine a few years ago. 

Geoff’s Pony was completely bone stock at the outset of that effort, and as such, the GT graduated from making 193 rear-wheel horsepower, to pumping out more than 325 ponies at the feet (390 lb-ft of torque), with the addition of Kenne Bell’s 2.1L, a 3.00-inch blower pulley (9.32 psi of boost), and PCM tuning (by way of a custom-burned, SCT chip) by Ken Christley.

Since that time, Geoff has made significant engine and drivetrain changes to step things up (Ford Racing Performance Parts “Boss block” 306, Trick Flow Specialties Stage 2 Twisted Wedge heads/camshaft package, AEM water/methanol, Bob Kurgan custom-burned SCT chip and a Tremec TKO 600 transmission). 

We were lucky enough to happen upon the new setup’s moment of truth on the dyno, and were able to grab a few photos before heading back to 5.0’s west coast headquarters in El Segundo, California. When the roller stopped spinning and data was compiled, the engine hop-up proved to be a success. Rear-tire horsepower increased to 486 (498 lb-ft of torque), on 10.9 psi of boost, with the same 3.00-inch pulley and 91-octane fuel. 

It’s definitely neat to see Mustang enthusiasts/owners doing more with their Ponies, after our work with the cars is completed. Geoff has done a really nice job with an engine upgrade that definitely made his “good” ‘Stang even better!

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