Jim Smart
November 1, 2000

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Welcome to the new age of restomod and the freedom to step up to a new level of performance you never thought possible from an old Ford.

We decided to build a warmed-up 5.0L EFI street small-block that can be installed in a vintage Ford. We started with a Christmas list: Summit Racing Equipment for the new 5.0L block, Powerhouse for the down-under kit (crank, rods, pistons, rings, and bearings), Power Heads for the affordable massaged and ported cylinder heads, MSD to fire the mixture, Fluidampr to smooth the vibes, Extrude Hone to clean up the induction, and Crane Cams to bump the stopcocks. Ben Alameda Racing in Los Angeles offered to take the time and lent the expertise necessary to build a fine mill.

Our objective here is to build an affordable injected small-block you can install in a vintage Ford. Respectable torque comes from the improved breathing we find from Power Heads. The beauty of these heads is their factory appearance. These are late-model 5.0L Ford cylinder-head castings that have been professionally massaged by Power Heads. We're talking outstanding port work with larger valves for improved breathing without having to auction off the kids. These are nice pieces you'll appreciate when it's time to exercise the gas.

We're not going to show you how to build an engine, but rather how to put together the right combination of parts for a powerful and reliable street engine. With all this said, Ben Alameda Racing is going to tell you how to build a snappy street small-block you can drive daily, yet go racing with on Saturday night. All this and 20-plus miles to the gallon. Not bad.