June 5, 2000

Step By Step

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138_43z Ford_mustang Front_view

If you're like most Mustangers who share the desire to go fast, but who have a narrow wallet, then it's time to listen up. Expensive speed parts are not what you need to quicken elapsed times. First maximize the factory package and utilize some creative thinking.

This story will teach you to get the most from your Mustang for minimal--or in some cases, zero--investment. Using these 10 sure-fire modifications along with some driving practice should enable you to reduce your elapsed times by more than one full second.

In order to gain the most from a stock Mustang, each modification must be thought out and analyzed. While some mods might seem slight and meaningless on their own, do 10 small things, and before you know it you've picked up a few tenths. So pay attention, and try to devise your own ideas. If you're not sure whether it will work, go to the track and run a test. When testing, always record your performance, keeping the weather and track conditions logged in addition to each and every modification. Methodically charting all your changes helps you see exactly what you've gained or lost.

Finally, before you attack the quarter-mile, drive the car to the best of your ability in order to establish baselines. We believe that with traction and driving ability maximized, the average racer should be able to run consistent, low 13s after the modifications we recommend. Ultimately, with some driving practice you should be able to sneak into the 12-second zone without ever removing a valve cover!