Rob Kinnan
Brand Manager, Mustang Monthly
September 1, 2000

Step By Step

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138_21z Ford_mustang Shifter_view
This is the MPG Stage Control. It’s bent to contour to the underside of the dash, which keeps it out from underfoot. Pushing down on the handle holds the brakes, freeing up your feet to get busy with the gas and clutch pedals.
The Stage Control clamps to the brake pedal with this bolt, which has a 12-point, 3/8-inch-head.
138_23z Ford_mustang Pedals
To install the Stage Control, slip the clamp over the pedal and start the bolt by hand.
138_24z Ford_mustang Pedals
Slide the rod up the pedal and move it around until it’s positioned out of the way, then tighten the bolt, and you’re done. Removing it is obviously just as fast.

It's the dreaded starting-line creep, and it happens on less-than-perfect dragstrips. You finish your burnout and pull into the beams, touching the brake to park the skinnies just right in the stage beam. But when you let off the brake with your right foot (left foot on the clutch) and floor the throttle to bring the engine up on the two-step, the car slowly rolls forward. That either means a deep stage, which may not be allowed, or a red light, which ends your day of racing.

A line-lock, which holds pressure in the front brakes, is the best way to keep this from happening, but a line-lock requires you to redo the brake lines and bleed the system. MPG Head Service has come up with a simpler method of stopping the creep, and it's so brutally simple that you won't believe it. The Stage Control is a piece of steel rod that bolts to the brake pedal and allows the driver to hold the pedal down with the right hand, while the feet are doing their thing on the clutch and gas pedals. This device also makes it easier to do burnouts with a five-speed, and is handy on steep hills to hold the car, so you can easily get the car moving without rolling into the car behind you. The retail price for this handy gadget is a mere $49.95 (includes S&H), and it installs in a ridiculous two minutes.