2011 High Mile Coyote Nitrous Install And Track Testing
Henry De Los Santos
Mustang360 Network Content Director
March 27, 2018

The last time we introduced our build with Brenspeed and their 165,000 mile S197 Mustang dubbed the High Mile Coyote, we discussed their plans to make use of the extra 150+ horsepower and 180+ lb-ft gains on nitrous.

This time around, Brenspeed took their ride to Bowling Green, Kentucky, where it clicked off a 10.461 at 127.99 mph with a 1.395 short-time. As impressive as that is, be sure to check out the video, because there’s an interesting twist; the High Mile Coyote was having a bit of technical issues.

The good news is Brenspeed and crew have since sorted out the problem and we’re curious to see what the High Mile Coyote will produce during their next outing. Only time will tell, but we’re excited to see the results and we’ll be sure to share it with you on mustang-360.com.