1967 Ford Mustang Resoration Body Panel Vent
Jim Smart
December 31, 2015

This is the seventh installment of our Restoration Mistakes series, dealing with common mistakes made when building or restoring a classic Mustang and how to avoid them. As we said at the beginning of this series, “We’ve been horsing around with classic Mustangs for more than four decades and have come to the following conclusion: we’ve never stopped learning from our mistakes nor have we stopped making them. When you’re restoring a classic Mustang or building a hot restomod it is important to see the pitfalls before you find them, not after stumbling and falling into them. Silly stupid mistakes we make time and time again. Whatever your reason for screwing up, we’re here to remind you we have been there ourselves and know how not to make the same mistakes again.” Our newest tech tip deals with:

1967: The Lone Wolf

If ever you’ve restored a 1967 Mustang you know what we’re talking about. Nineteen sixty-seven was a Mustang redesign model year with one-year only surprises. For example, 1967 289 V-8 engine mount brackets and mounts are a one-year only item. Ask us how we know this. There’s nothing quite like wrestling with a small-block Ford fitted with 1966 or 1968-1970 engine mounts that will not seat on ’67 brackets. You can sidestep this problem by installing ’68-’70 engine mount brackets on your ’67 Mustang. There are other elements that make 1967 a standalone model year. It is in your best interest to learn what these differences are before tackling a restoration.