Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
June 30, 2015
Photos By: Holley Performance Products

We first got wind of Holley’s trick in-tank fuel reservoir mat when it was shown as a prototype at the 2014 Performance Racing Industry (PRI) show. The product idea was simple; reduce fuel starvation in hard cornering, acceleration, and braking, as-well-as in low fuel level situations. The product was well received and there was interest from several parties, from road racers and auto-crossers to people looking for a fix to aftermarket EFI conversions and maintaining a stock-type bolt-in fuel tank. After the PRI show we didn’t hear any further details from Holley on product development but now we know why. The Holley engineers locked the doors and set out to perfect the HydraMat product and have it ready for sale with supporting hardware and in several configurations for stock fuel tanks, racing fuel cells, and even polymer fuel tanks.

Now that the word is out with an official release we’re excited to share the news with our readers. The HydraMat fuel reservoir system eliminates most fuel starvation issues that a traditional fuel pickup cannot. This lack of fuel can be as simple as a hesitation, stumble, or stall on a street car, to losing the race or burning up an expensive hand-built race engine to others. Either way, the HydraMat is here to eliminate the issue, allowing you to cruise in your vintage Mustang with EFI, tackle that off-road track, or hit the autocross without fear of your car nosing over on hard cornering or stalling when braking.

Holley’s HydraMat is available in three shapes and several sizes to fit nearly any fuel tank/cell you may have. Shown here is the HydraMat in X-shape and square-shape, both with center outlets. Additional mats include rectangular with end or center outlets.

The HydraMat works by using a special nylon mat with tiny pores in it. The HydraMat uses fluid wicking and surface tension to allow the HydraMat to continually provide fuel from its internal reservoir by pulling the fuel from virtually any area in the tank and sealing off the reservoir with that fluid tension to maintain the fuel in the reservoir. Special sumps, reservoirs, and pickups are no longer needed, especially for EFI conversions that are so popular in the vintage Mustang hobby.

Holley’s HydraMat is available in several shapes and sizes (square, rectangle, and X-shaped) to fit just about any stock fuel tank or aftermarket fuel cell in use. The mat is simply installed through a fuel pump, filler neck, or fuel level sender opening and lies on the bottom of the tank. Look for retrofit kits to come that will tie in with Holley’s own Terminator EFI systems as well. After months of continuous testing in the ARCA stock car series, where Holley’s HydraMat has become a spec part for the ARCA fuel injected race cars, the HydraMat is ready to hit Holley dealers. Check out HydraMat yourself in the following photos and be sure to watch Holley’s detailed video on HydraMat on its YouTube channel at:

For steel tanks Holley offers this magnetic stud mounting kit. Simply attach these magnets to the pre-made mounting holes in the corners of the HydraMat and the magnets will hold the mat in place on the floor of your tank. For polymer tanks double magnets can be used (sandwiching the polymer layer) or epoxy mounts are available.
This bulkhead fitting kit from Holley is the perfect way to connect the new HydraMat to the outer skin of your fuel tank. Drill a small hole for the bulkhead fitting and route the hose to the HydraMat. The bulkhead fitting can then be used to feed a mechanical or external electric fuel pump.
If you’re planning an in-tank fuel pump, Holley’s wiring fitting is a great way to easily pass your fuel pump power and ground wires through the fuel tank body and be able to seal against leaks. Holley offers a two wire and four wire bulkhead fitting options.