Jim Smart
March 7, 2014
Photos By: The Manufacturers
12. When you shop worm gear hose clamps, choose the best looking and performing. This is an Ideal worm clamp from Summit Racing Equipment with cadmium plated screw and stainless construction. Avoid the cheesy low-buck worm clamps that can rust in short order.
13. When you measure and cut hoses for a specific application, opt for the Sears Craftsman Handi-Cut hose chopper. It yields a clean cut so the hoses look nice. And when you cut hoses, avoid cutting through the markings.
14. From left to right: radiator dual-wire, tower, and worm gear clamps.
15. Here are concours molded heater hoses from Marti Auto Works for ’67-’70 Mustangs with a variety of clamps. From left is an adjustable band clamp available from most auto parts stores, Ideal worm gear, and single wire-style. Single wire-style clamps were common on Chrysler/Plymouth/Dodge, but also used in some Ford applications such as PCV valve and closed crankcase ventilation hoses.
16. Fuel line hoses and clamps are important not only to cosmetics but also for safety and reliability. From left is an adjustable stainless band-style, a one-time crimp style (original to classic Mustangs), a spring loaded, a single wire-style, and the Ideal worm gear. When replacing fuel line hoses, opt for high-pressure fuel injection types, which are thicker but will stand up to today’s harsh fuel additives. Do not use conventional low-pressure fuel hose.
17. This band-style clamp has been common in new Fords since the late 1980s. If you can source them new, they look sharp.
18. This is an adjustable band-style clamp, which is universal in scope. If you want an industrial all-business look, this is a nice clamp for radiator, heater, and bypass hoses.
19. This is a crimp-style fuel hose clamp in a concours restoration. Use once and throw away when the hose or pump is replaced.
20. Ford used this dual-wire clamp in the 1980s.
21. This Cobra high-rise intake manifold’s PCV valve is equipped with single wire-style hose clamps.
22. Gates has introduced the PowerGrip heat and shrink hose band, which works like heat-shrink wire insulation. Fit it to the hose end and heat with a heat gun. It shrinks nice and tight around the hose end. Even better, as the engine reaches operating temperature, heat makes the PowerGrip shrink up even tighter.