Jim Smart
February 4, 2014

Eddie Motorsports spent a lot of time developing its new S.Drive serpentine beltdrive system for the small-block Ford, fitting it with easy-to-find, off-the-shelf components like a Sanden air conditioning compressor, Powermaster 105-amp alternator, Maval power steering pump, and Ford Racing water pump. When you install the S.Drive system, it becomes an integral part of your engine because the foundation for the S.Drive is a cool billet timing cover on which everything is installed. Because the S.Drive doesn't have a mechanical fuel pump provision, you will need to install an electric fuel pump.

You might be inclined to ask what the gain is from the S.Drive. Attributes include durability and good looks. You also get 105-amp, single-wire charging system reliability and the reduced drag of a Sanden rotary compressor. Serpentine beltdrives are buttery smooth and quiet too.

11. The accessory mounting plate/bracket is then secured to the spacer with these Allen screws.
12 The water pump pulley bolts get thread locker and are torqued per the Eddie Motorsports instructions.
13. When you order your S.Drive system, make sure Eddie Motorsports knows which crank pulley spacer you need for your application. If you mount the pulley out of the box without the appropriate spacer, you’ll wind up with misalignment.
14. The Sanden air conditioning compressor is mounted next and pivots as shown. The beauty of a Sanden compressor is its rotary efficiency.
15. Included in the system is this attractive billet manifold for the Sanden compressor, which is installed last. The compressor should remain capped until you are ready to install the air conditioning lines.
16. The compressor clutch gets this cool cover, which is bolted onto the clutch, and hides the electromagnet clutch mechanicals.
17. Powermaster’s 105-amp single-wire alternator looks sharp right out of the box. Installation is easy and there’s just that one heavy gauge wire to deal with.
18. The Maval power steering pump is a lightweight and professional-grade design that works with a wide variety of power steering systems. You can go with this pump’s integral reservoir or a remote location. Stang-Aholics is going with a remote reservoir.
19a. The belt tensioner is mounted last, bolting to the S.Drive’s accessory bracket.
19b. The tensioner cover is installed once the belt is installed and tracking properly.
20. And there you have Eddie Motorsports’ new S.Drive serpentine system. It is certainly compact, well-engineered, and it looks fantastic.