Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
December 18, 2013
Photos By: Brent Lykins
13. Once the camshaft has been degreed, Lykins temporarily installs a cylinder head with a pair of checking springs and rocker arms to double check piston-to-valve clearance. Changing the intake centerline of the cam can change piston-to-valve clearance numbers, so it is best to recheck clearance after any cam timing changes. The Windsor ended up with 0.124-inch clearance on the intake and 0.190-inch clearance on the exhaust valve.
14. Finishing off the block’s lower end assembly is a full complement of ARP cylinder head studs and FelPro MLS head gaskets. Unlike production thin-wall blocks where the water jacket encroaches on the lower row of head bolts/studs, the Dart SHP features blind holes like early Ford small-blocks for fewer possible leak points.
15. Topping the Windsor block off with Trick Flow Twisted Wedge Race 225 heads, Lykins started with bare CNC’d castings and added his own additional port work to them while increasing the intake valve size for better cylinder filling.
16. Final assembly of the Twisted Wedge heads was accomplished with such stellar hardware as Ferrea Competition Plus valves (2.125-inch intake, 1.60-inch exhaust), PAC dual springs with dampers, and Comp Cams titanium retainers with 10-degree locks.
17. For spring locators, Lykins used Comp Cams PN4785 for 1.550-inch springs and set spring installed height for 2.030-inches. Valvespring pressures came in at 240 on the seat and 600 open. That 600 may sound like a lot to our readers, but it is entirely normal for high-performance, solid-roller use with the proper supporting hardware.
18. With the heads fully assembled and ready for installation, you can see the meticulous attention to detail Lykins puts into each build to ensure specs are right on, and measured parts are installed in their proper/original locations.
19. One of the benefits of a dry sump oiling system is the fact that the sump becomes external to the engine, allowing for a very shallow oil pan. This aids engine fitment and allows the engine to potentially sit lower in the chassis for better handling. Aviaid gets the nod here and Lykins chose this aluminum pan for the build.
20. Ready to install the Trick Flow Twisted Wedge Race 225 heads, Lykins wrapped up the valvetrain with Isky EZ Roll bushed solid roller lifters, custom 5⁄16-inch diameter Trend pushrods with 0.105-inch wall thickness, and Crower Enduro stainless steel 1.7:1 ratio roller rockers. The EZ Roll lifters feature a bushing instead of the typical needle bearings for the roller wheel, which dramatically extends their life in high-pressure valvetrain setups such as this.
21. A Trick Flow stud girdle will ensure stable valvetrain actuation at the sustained high rpm range that this engine will surely be subjected to. Also shown here is the Edelbrock Super Victor single-plane intake with 1-inch carb spacer.
22. Getting close to dyno time with the engine, Lykins adds a MSD Pro Billet distributor (with timing locked out), a set of Ford Racing 9mm plug wires, a Jones Racing Products alternator with bracket, and a Meziere electric water pump. A set of wrinkle-finish tall valve covers (to clear the stud girdles) with the B2 Motorsports logo give the engine some flash.
23. The remainder of the front dress includes a TCI Rattler damper and a Jones Racing Products three-stage oil pump.
24. Lykins didn’t install the carb at this time for easier transportation to the dyno facility, but on the dyno, a Quick Fuel Technology Black Diamond Series Q-950 carb was utilized. This is a 950-cfm mechanical secondary model with a new all-black surface coating that is impervious to standard under-hood chemicals/fuels, and it helps reduce fuel temperatures as well.

On The Dyno

4,000 366.87 476.47
4,100 371.70 478.16
4,200 384.69 483.11
4,300 406.24 497.47
4,400 430.40 514.23
4,500 452.59 528.60
4,600 474.97 542.52
4,700 496.18 554.69
4,800 515.10 564.08
4,900 531.48 570.46
5,000 545.66 574.33
5,100 557.94 576.22
5,200 568.91 576.63
5,300 578.18 575.43
5,400 586.48 573.16
5,500 594.12 570.17
5,600 601.50 567.01
5,700 608.98 564.05
5,800 615.91 560.63
5,900 622.77 557.36
6,000 628.80 553.48
6,100 634.73 549.58
6,200 640.21 545.41
6,300 645.49 541.16
6,400 649.95 536.36
6,500 654.97 532.08
6,600 658.44 526.77
6,700 660.36 520.46
6,800 661.35 513.69
6,900 662.34 506.89
7,000 660.97 498.46
7,100 659.08 489.76
7,200 655.54 480.02