April 28, 2004

Ideally, every performance part you add to your Mustang would increase performance, improve appearance, and be easy to install. Of course, the more seasoned veterans know this sort of mechanical symmetry rarely exists.

On the Dyno

Stock Throttle Body

Peak Horsepower: 382.1 at 6,200 rpm

Peak Torque: 380.2 at 3,885 rpm

Accufab Throttle Body

Peak Horsepower: 395.2 at 6,340 rpm

Peak Torque: 379.8 at 4,000 rpm

As are the throttle bodies for the 5.0 engine that made Accufab famous, this '03 throttle body is made from billet aluminum and is polished to a high luster (it's also available in a satin finish for a more OEM appearance). But this kit also comes with a cast-aluminum replacement for the Cobra's restrictive inlet elbow. The two pieces come preassembled and include the necessary gaskets and hardware. The kit sells for $599.99 with the polished elbow and $579.99 for the powdercoated elbow.

Horse Sense: Accufab is best known for its line of polished throttle bodies, but it also offers a variety of other products, including a 4.6 cog-drive system for centrifugal blowers, a modular honing and deck-boring plate, a 460 swap kit, and even an 8.8 diff girdle.

We recently visited Accufab Racing in Ontario, California, to observe the installation and chassis dyno test of its new throttle-body assembly. If you're one of the lucky few to own an '03 Cobra, this is one performance addition you can't do without.

Happily, the folks at Accufab have developed a new throttle-body assembly for the '03 Cobra that satisfies all the hot rodder's needs. It increases rear-wheel horsepower by 7-10 hp on average, it looks great, and it installs within an hour using common handtools.

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