Michael Johnson Associate Editor
June 11, 2003

Here at 5.0 Mustang and Super Fords, we're often asked how we come up with ideas for tech stories. Sometimes we'll see a new trend involving a set of parts. Other times we hear about a hot new component from a manufacturer and we'll install it on a car to see if it accomplishes what it was designed to do. And every once in a while Editor Turner or Tech Editor Houlahan will actually have a bright idea and we'll give it a shot in the magazine, although most good ideas come from yours truly. [This ignition must've zapped Johnson senseless.--Ed.] Then there's the way we came to hear about Ignition Solutions' Plasma Booster. Ignition Solutions sent a Plasma Booster to Idle Wild Racing's [(727) 507-9453; www.idlewildracing.com] Dan Flowers to try out. Dan had such favorable results in testing he called us to report them. Since we also found the Plasma Booster to be interesting, we'll give you the results.

In a nutshell, Ignition Solutions' Plasma Booster provides a hotter spark than is capable with a stock 4.6 Mustang ignition. The company claims the Plasma Booster is an ignition component engineered to enhance the Mustang's existing ignition system. It's almost like installing a complete ignition system without all the wiring and placement issues. Reportedly delivering four times the spark energy over the factory ignition during initial spark discharge, the Plasma Booster also doubles the secon-dary current (spark amperage). The power boost is a result of the Plasma Booster creating a multiple-spark discharge of about 10 sparks within 500 microseconds of the total spark. In short, the Plasma Booster's hotter spark capability burns the fuel faster than the stock ignition. And the faster the engine can burn fuel and emit it, the more horsepower it's capable of making.

Installing the Plasma Booster is a piece of cake, and it's OBD-II compatible as well. When we installed it on our ATI-ProCharger-blown 3g GT, we didn't receive any codes or check-engine lights--just more horsepower. To find out exactly how much more, read on.