Kristian Grimsland
Associate Editor, Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords
December 17, 2013
Photos By: Steve Gelles
11. This Turbosmart Ultra-Gate wastegate is used to regulate maximum boost pressure. The wastegate not only protects the turbo from to much boost, but the engine as well.
12. With the turbo mounted, Vargo then test-fitted and installed the cold-side piping. With fitment being tight, the kit requires you run the piping through the A-arm. Included in the kit, unlike other turbo and supercharged kits, is a full exhaust. This gives you an all-in-one package deal.
13. With the bottom half of the turbo system finished, he then installed the inlet tubes and remaining pieces.
14. As with any big horsepower upgrade, we needed to improve the fuel system. Included in the kit is a MaxFlow Fuel-Pump Booster and 39-lb/hr injectors. Vargo installed the injectors, and spliced and soldiered the fuel-pump booster into place.
15. BBR owner and tuner Chris Jones worked his magic on the dyno. Each of Hellion’s turbo kits come equipped with a mail-order tune from BBR. Custom tunes are available.
16. On our baseline run, power output came in at 335 rwhp and 319 ft-lb of torque.
On 7 psi, the GT made 449 rwhp and 467 ft-lb of torque. At 8 psi, it rolled out 458 rwhp and 476 ft-lb. At the limits of the stock internals, on 10 psi it made 515 rwhp and 497 ft-lb. That’s an increase of 180 rwhp and 178 ft-lb.