KJ Jones
November 22, 2013
Photos By: KJ Jones
As we mentioned earlier in this report, Granatelli’s CAI and throttle-body upgrades require reflashing the ‘Stang’s ECU to make corrections to account for the increase in intake air. GTR High Performance works closely with Bob Kurgan for this segment of a mod-motor performance upgrade in a unique-but-effective remote manner that involves transferring data and calibration files via the Internet. Once Bob has modified the tables accordingly, Ricardo uses the DiabloSport InTune to transfer updates into the GT’s computer.
Our exhaust upgrade is highlighted by the big 3-inch Granatelli Motor Sports off-road system, which eliminates these catalytic converters from Candy’s Pony. Despite removing the cats, the new pipes bolt directly to the stock exhaust manifolds with no problem.
The S197’s stock exhaust tubes and converters come down without any sort of significant fight, and can be discarded or held onto for use come inspection time.
GMS manufacturers its big-tube exhaust system using 304 stainless-steel, and mandrel-bends the entire works for more efficient transfer of exhaust gas. Note the difference between the OEM tube (left) and our new exhaust pipe, which is much smoother.
A twin-blade, 62mm throttle body is also on the short list of affordable, direct-replacement pieces that are highly recommended for a basic Three-Valve hop-up. Granatelli Motor Sports’ modified Shelby GT500 ‘body (PN GM-TB0007; $475) bolts right up to the factory intake manifold thanks to a slick, CNC-machined spacer plate that syncs the intake’s holes with the fastener bores on the throttle body. It’s important to note that a cold-air-intake system and PCM calibration are required when using this piece.
The new system reuses the factory hangers and can be completely installed (by two people) in about an hour and a half.
Each piece in the GMS exhaust system fits well, and does not require any major modification or revamp other than slightly opening the ends of a few of the slip-fit pieces (like the X-shaped crossover). Additional PCM updating is required with the free-flowing exhaust.
It’s not often that we get to work with a car that’s owned and operated by a female ‘Stangbanger and painted with one of the coolest colors Ford has sprayed on a Pony’s flanks. Thanks to Candy Barrientos for letting us use her Grabber Blue ’06 GT for this effort. We’re sure the upgraded Three-Valve ‘Stang will be a hit with fellow members of her Street Stangz family. 5.0