Justin Fivella
November 12, 2013

On The Dyno

With the Pro-M base map loaded, we put the Smog-Legal Killer in Drew Wallace's hands on the AED Dynocom dyno and it proceeded to make our jaws drop. We knew the new ECU and Power Pipe combo was going to unlock some ponies, but we had no idea how many.

The first pull of the day unearthed a 610 hp and 595 lb-ft at the wheels on 91-octane pump gas. You read that right—over 600 hp to the tires through cats, the smog pump, and all! Our previous best was 523 hp and 530 lb-ft at a peak of 12 psi of boost. The new combo upped boost to 15 psi at redline for gains of 87 hp and 72 lb-ft. The Power Pipe seriously uncorked the blower and allowed the wicked AFR 195 heads and Comp Cams blower cam to shine.

While the hero dyno pull was great for morale, the car was leaning out up top. As mentioned, we used the new ECU to track the problem to the stock fuel rails and lines. When pulling 10 degrees of timing didn't kill enough power, we decided (sadly) that the best method to keep the stock block alive was to add a larger blower pulley in hopes of dialing it back to 10 or 12 psi at redline.

Who would have thought we'd be trying to remove power from a combo that was already compromised by cats and other smog-related concessions? If only we had an aftermarket block, we could get 650 hp at the wheels through cats and all.

Read ’em and weep, that’s 610 hp and 595 lb-ft at the wheels on 91 octane pump gas through cats, spinning a smog pump and all. The Power Pipe upped boost from 12 psi to 15 psi at redline with the stock pulley, proving how good the AFR 195 heads and Comp cam breath. The Pro-M computer and Anderson Power Pipe boosted power by 87 hp and 72 lb-ft at the wheels over our last pull.

Smog-Legal (Sort Of)

Up until this point, we were legitimately smog-legal. Sure the car had larger injectors, but that didn't stop it from passing the visual or tailpipe emissions. But in search of more power, we've officially entered some gray area.

Sure the Power Pipe doesn't have a CARB EO number, and admittedly the Pro-M computer ditches the EVAP provisions, but we wanted to see if the car would still pass the tailpipe emissions. A trip to a smog station revealed that while we no longer passed the visual portions, the car still passed tailpipe emissions by a decent margin. The new processor actually allowed us to clean things up down low, which helped the numbers. Hey, we can tune for emissions and power now.

As for the visual portions, well, anyone with a little imagination can figure out a simple solution, but you didn't hear that from us.

24. Although the Pro-M computer ditches the provisions for the EVAP smog equipment, there’s no stopping someone from making it appear like it’s actually running…
25. Here AED helps hog out the inner fender so the gargantuan Power Pipe can snake into the inner fender for gobs of cool air and a straight path to the MAF. It takes a steady hand to not hack the hole.
26. Here’s a look at the Power Pipe and the Pro-M 92mm MAF hiding inside the inner fender. You’ll have to remove the inner liner to get everything in there.
27. Make sure all of the connector pins are making solid contact between the MAF adaptor. We had intermittent running problems that we traced back to the plug not being properly seated despite hearing the click. We can thank Greg Wallace from AED for finding the elusive problem. Simply removing the connector and making sure it was properly seated solved the issues.

Wave Of The Future

Sure, the Pro-M ECU isn't cheap, but at a few ticks under two Gs it's a steal considering its capabilities, plug-and-play harness and the overall quality of the system. We can't tell you how awesome it's been to have a sophisticated system that actually uses wideband O2 sensors to help dial in the perfect tune. We never thought we'd see the day that Fox-body tuning would become so easy, but thanks to companies like Pro-M, owning a Fox is that much better. Welcome to a new era of tuning.

Have a look at the 3D load and lambda fuel tables of the Pro-M software. It’s amazing how powerful the new ECU is and it brings a whole to era to the Fox-body. The software is also easy to use for the average Gearhead–no geek degree needed!