Miles Cook
December 17, 2013

A bolt-on aftermarket exhaust system is usually one of the first items on the docket when individualizing a late-model Mustang. Whether it's a Fox-body, an SN-95, or an '05-'14 S197 model, there are probably a dozen manufacturers that make systems for nearly all Mustangs built in the last 30-35 years.

Our focus for this installation is Corsa Performance and exhaust offerings for the Mustang. The Corsa line has changed little since the '11 model year when significant engine upgrades came along with the 3.7-liter V-6 (305 horsepower, matching the power output of a '98 Cobra) as well as the now 420-horsepower 5.0-liter Coyote V-8.

There's no doubt that Corsa's Mustang exhaust systems are quality goods. But what's also worth noting is their ease of installation. We stopped in at Marlo's Frame and Alignment one afternoon for just an hour or two, more than enough time to see Corsa part number 14319 being installed on an '11 V-6 coupe.

With some basic metric sockets, a floor jack, and a pair of ramps or jack stands to safely elevate your car, the Corsa mufflers are an ideal weekend afternoon project. Besides the expected worthwhile increases in power output, count on a more lively sound to the car's exhaust note as well as some other benefits mentioned in the installation sequence.

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