Jim Smart
October 18, 2013

The Engine

Before you is a vintage, second-owner '72 Pantera with 351C power and a port-injection fuel system. The car belongs to Source Interlink western regional sales director Scott Timberlake, who thought the Pantera needed something a bit more fitting its exotic roots than your typical four-barrel mixer. Despite the supercar wrapper, this package would be at home in any of the more conventional Ford-powered models. Our Cleveland test subject specs out as follows:

351 Cleveland V-8, bored and stroked to 393ci
AFD (Air Flow Dynamics, Australia) 4V Cylinder Heads with 64cc chambers, 2.19-inch intake/1.71-inch exhaust valves
Comp Cams custom ground mechanical roller camshaft and roller lifters
CNC-machined Scorpion roller rockers and 7⁄16-inch studs
Inglese NG4010 50mm throttle bodies
Inglese NG1686 intake manifold
K&N filters on 3.5-inch stacks
MSD Billet distributor with mechanical advance, 6A box and Blaster coil
Built by Barry Sale at PHP Race Engines; Wauconda Lake, Illinois

Wiring It Up

One of our biggest pet peeves when we attend a car show or racing event is sloppy workmanship. Want to impress friends and influence others? Begin with fierce attention to detail when you wire and plumb your vintage Ford. There's no comfort in a sloppy underdash, engine compartment, or trunk area that looks like a bowl of spaghetti. Route your electrics and plumbing like you would an aircraft with great precision. Because aircraft can't just pull over to the side of the road when things go wrong, there is huge effort to get it right before the darned thing flies. And because aircraft wiring is numbered instead of color coded, detail and access should be paramount. You've got to be able to find the problem quickly. Granatelli Motorsport, in particular J.R. “Joey” Granatelli, prides himself on practicing strict craftsmanship in anything he does because he wants ease of serviceability for the customer regardless of where they go in the future. This calls for a nice clean installation where wiring, electronics, and plumbing can be tracked easily.

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