Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
June 1, 2013
Photos By: Justin Cesler

Summit 306


The 306ci pushrod 5.0L offering is Summit's base engine package. The combo starts with a Ford Racing "X302" engine as its base. The X302 is a popular pushrod engine that Ford Racing builds using a seasoned stock 5.0L iron block with new internals. It's topped off with Ford Racing aluminum cylinder heads and churns out an honest 340hp. Summit adds several key components to make this affordable crate engine a complete package for your classic Ford build.

Summit begins by topping the engine with a Summit Racing Street & Strip Stage 1 intake manifold with a Holley 670-cfm Street Avenger carburetor, dual feed fuel line, and a fuel pressure gauge. An Edelbrock polished water pump, a remanufactured distributor, 8mm plug wires, and NGK spark plugs finish off the engine. The combo also includes an Aeromotive fuel pump and fuel pressure regulator to help plumb your fuel system. An MSD Digital-6 Plus ignition box completes the combo's ignition system.

Being based on a stock 5.0L pushrod engine means that the X302 has the same dimensions as any 289/302 small-block, and makes for an easy fit into just about any classic Ford like a Falcon, Fairlane, Mustang, or pickup truck. Our experience with the X302 is based on the X Marks the Spot three-part engine swap story in the Sept., Oct., and Nov. '11 issues of MM&F. The series detailed the installation of one of these engines in a '65 Falcon Ranchero and from that build, we know that this X302-based combo will require swapping oil pans and oil pump pickups to a front-sump style to clear the typical classic Ford steering linkage (which we ordered from Summit by the way). You'll also need to come up with a front dress for the engine, such as a serpentine bracket setup from the likes of March Performance, Concept One, or Vintage Air, and you'll be all set.

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The Summit 306 was installed in the Factory Five Mk 2 Challenge Roadster of Jim Schenck, director of R&D at Factory Five. Jim's Challenge car is a seasoned, race-winning Roadster with track patina that only a true race enthusiast can appreciate. The Summit 306 combo is not only right at home under the hood of the Challenge Roadster, but now takes these spec-racers up a notch and are NASA/Challenge Series legal. We hopped into the Challenge car (literally, the doors are bolted shut and it has an extra safety cage for track use) and with the push of a button, the Summit 306 crackled to life. Throttle response was quick and the Challenge car idled beautifully. Power was perfect for such a light car and we're certain even in a heaver car like a '65-'68 Mustang the Summit 306 would offer grin-inducing fun on the street or track.

306 Engine Combo Dyno Results
(With Summit/Trick Flow EFI components)
RPM HP Torque
2,400 127.96 280.03
2,600 144.44 291.78
2,800 159.43 299.05
3,000 177.78 311.23
3,200 191.47 314.26
3,400 206.82 319.48
3,600 221.98 323.85
3,800 235.95 326.12
4,000 249.15 327.15
4,200 263.59 329.62
4,400 278.85 332.85
4,600 291.56 332.89
4,800 303.01 331.55
5,000 311.48 327.19
5,200 320.61 323.82
5,400 328.12 319.14
5,600 333.26 312.56
5,800 335.23 303.57