KJ Jones
June 1, 2013
Photos By: KJ Jones

Being recognized as the first to develop unique performance parts for late-model Mustangs is a distinction that comes with high regard. In our world, having early opportunities to work with such technologies carries just as much prestige.

The SEMA trade show, held annually in Las Vegas, is one of our prime spots for checking out the latest aftermarket performance and appearance hardware for late-model 'Stangs. The 2012 show put us on a direct path with one of the most radical concepts we've seen in many years: ProCharger's i-1 programmable-ratio supercharger. This patented centrifugal unit—that unlike any blower before it—allows drivers to dial-in variable boost ratios on the fly from an '11-'13 5.0 Mustang's cockpit.

Unprecedented technology? It most certainly is! Never before have we seen a bolt-on, intercooled centrifugal blower with this type of programmable-ratio capability—a supercharger that ProCharger's CEO, Ken Jones, says is the result of an incredible team effort by the entire company. "The i-1 delivers all the benefits of our current product line, including the coolest charge-air temperatures, but it also adds a programmable boost curve that drivers control from the cockpit, using a three-position selector switch or an optional touchscreen," Ken says. "We're all about choice. The i-1 is not a replacement for our P-series or D-series superchargers, nor is it something that we think will replace positive-displacement units. It's basically an extension of our current product line that brings three additional features to the market."

With a first wave of i-1 systems simultaneously deployed for Mustangs, F-150s, and also Brand-X, there was no way that we could wait too long for an opportunity to learn details about this unique new concept in forced air induction, which in ProCharger's internal tests, is said to have made approximately 200 additional horses at the feet of the company's stock-5.0 test vehicle.

Within a week after the turn of the new year, your scribe was on a flight to Kansas for a first look at the i-1 supercharger setup, and an opportunity to pick the diabolical brains of the engineers at ProCharger who made this game-changing blower a reality. The following photos, captions, graphs, and charts detail technical information (that could be divulged) about i-1's inner workings and user functionality, as well as highly anticipated results of dyno tests that we performed on ProCharger's in-house Mustang Dyno using an '11 5.0 Mustang GT.

Horse Sense: Depending on your age, you've probably heard structures like the Great Wall of China (Beijing), the Taj Mahal (India), and the Coliseum of Rome (Italy) referred to as Wonders of the World. Technically, there are seven ancient locations that have been given such a high distinction, based on the phenomenal ingenuity and detail of their construction. In many cases, granular data on their makeup remains a mystery to those who have been studying the structures. ProCharger's new i-1 centrifugal supercharger is a Kansas-born wonder of the technical variety. It was introduced to the world in November 2012 and earned runner-up honors as one of the best new performance street products unveiled at SEMA.

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Selected-boost information is transferred from touchscreen to supercharger via two mini processors that ultimately link (via wiring harnesses) to the i-1’s speed sensor, encoder assembly, and high-torque electric motor. The smaller black panel on the right is installed in the ‘Stang’s cabin, and serves as a hub for data transmittal and storage between the bigger box and the blower itself. The in-car brain features a mini-USB connection for making updates or extracting the i-1’s operation data for analysis.