Jim Smart
February 15, 2005

We're going to treat you to a sneak peek this month. For several months, we've been building Carroll Shelby a 427ci Windsor small-block at Trans Am Racing in Gardena, California. Shelby's stroker project, plagued by bothersome custom-engine building issues, has encountered one delay after another. For example, a custom billet, prototype Cobra road race oil pan from Trans Am Racing has been one of the issues that has caused delays. This striking oil pan may wind up a production piece if Mark Jeffrey of Trans Am Racing has his way. More on this later.

The finishing touch on Shelby's 427ci small-block is a serpentine-belt-drive system from March Performance. Because Shelby's '66 GT350 convertible doesn't have power steering, conversion to a March serpentine-belt-drive system will be simple. But, even if Shelby's Shelby had power steering, March makes it easy to convert to serpentine-belt drive. Serpentine-belt drive spreads the workload over a broader area of a wider pulley system. This makes for a longer-lasting belt that will not slip.

When you order your March Performance serpentine-belt-drive system or any other March Performance part, be specific about your application. Tell March your engine type, model year, accessories, everything! You may have an odd-duck application that may call for the use of certain pulley types and spacing. Your March pulleys must be in perfect alignment or belt deterioration and failure will occur.

What's It Cost?

Alternator kit (suggested retail) $466.21

Complete kit (suggested retail): (power steering, alternator, A/C) $842.93

(above & below) The March Performance serpentine-belt drive includes all related pulleys and attachment hardware. The alternator bracket setup is separate. We like the slick billet design.
(above & next two below) Because March doesn't make a three-hole crankshaft pulley for small-block Fords, it does make an adaptor for those of you with three-hole ('62-'69) harmonic balancers. Mark Jeffrey of Trans Am Racing installs the shim and adaptor ring. Two bolts retain the adaptor.
(above & right) The four-bolt March crankshaft pulley is installed as shown using four bolts. The three-bolt adaptor makes this possible on pre-'70 small-block Fords.