Jim Smart
September 9, 2003

Serpentine Belt Drive
Here's a swap you can sink your teeth into. Visit the salvage yard and find yourself a late-model For or Mercur with a serpentine accessory belt drive. This system uses a single, serpentine belt to drive all accessories. This means never having to fool with multiple vee-belts ever again. Don't bother with '79-'81 vee-belt, serpentine-belt combos which still offer the same headaches. Go all the way with the single serpentine belt drive more common in the mid-'80s and up.

Column Of Choice
If you own and drive a pre-'68 Ford or Mercury with a solid-shaft steering column, you likely wonder about your vulnerability in an accident. That solid-steering column will not collapse, leaving you exposed to the dangers of torso injury and death in an accident. With only minor modifications, you can install a '68-'69 Ford/Mercury steering column in your pre-'68 vehicle. You will need the column, of course, rag joint, and short-shaft steering gear for this swap. Installed properly, it can save your life.