Jim Smart
September 9, 2003

High Backs
If you're spent over rock-hard, uncomfortable bucket seats in your '65-'67 Mustang, take heart because a lot of people feel the same way. When it comes to seating in a classic Mustang, you do have a choice. Did you know that high-back, comfortable, to-die-for '69-'73 Mustang, Cougar, Fairlane, Torino, Montego, Cyclone, Maverick, or Comet bucket seats will bolt right into your classic Mustang? And did you know these seats will also, with only minor modifications to the floorpan, bolt into a Falcon or Comet? This is a super-comfy swap you can live with. We have also seen some evidence that Fox-body Mustang bucket seats will bolt into a '65-'70 Mustang with only minor modifications. We invite your feedback on this one, readers.

A Mount For Your Mount
Did you know the '66-and-up small-block engine frame mount will bolt right into your '65 Mustang, Falcon, or Comet? This mount is a significant improvement over the drop-in, single-pin mount common in '65 and very early '66 Mustangs. The mount shown here isolates engine noise and vibration better. It also allows the engine to sit lower in the chassis.