Jim Smart
September 9, 2003

Those of you with '65-'68 Mustangs and 16-gallon fuel tanks who want more range can get it by installing a 21-gallon '69-'70 Mustang/Cougar fuel tank. The 21-gallon tank drops right in place of your 16-gallon tank. If you're discouraged by the different fuel-filler neck angle, don't be. You can alter the angle of the tank's fuel neck by simply bending the short, stubby neck with a length of exhaust tubing or the like. The tank's flexible galvanized steel will bend to the same angle as the '65-'68 fuel-filler neck. No foolin'.

Bolt-On EFI
Did you know you can upgrade your vintage 289 or 302 to 5.0L SEFI fuel delivery? Just contact Ron Morris Performance, (209) 605-1590, for more details and the components necessary to make this swap work on your vintage iron. You'll need to find the basic package in a salvage yard--upper and lower intake manifolds, fuel rails and injectors, O2 sensor bungs, engine harness, and the like to get started. Ron Morris Performance can help you with the rest.