Jim Smart
September 9, 2003

Five-Dial Worth Your While
Most of us who love classic Mustangs like the groovy five-dial instrument panel Ford brought to the Mustang beginning in March 1965. In 1965, it was a Mustang option, available only with the GT Equipment Group or Interior Decor Group.

Otherwise, it was the lackluster Falcon instrument panel. This five-dial cluster became standard equipment for '66 in the Mustang. The real beauty behind this cluster isn't its full-function design, nor the soft green-glow after dusk. It is its ability to fit nicely in a '64-'65 Falcon as well, following the same means you do with a Mustang.

Dual Braking
If you have a Ford or Mercury prior to '67, it suffers from a serious shortcoming--no brakes when the hydraulic system fails. Beginning in 1967, the federal government mandated dual hydraulic braking systems for all U.S.-delivered motor vehicles. A dual-braking system keeps the front and rear braking systems separate, just in case one of the systems fails. These systems are divided at the master cylinder and beyond with a distribution block that keeps them separate. A warning light switch lets us know when either system fails. Don't you owe yourself, and others, this level of safety? This is an easy modification we can all live with.