Jim Smart
September 9, 2003

Cheap Mount Tip
Did you know the '67 Mustang and Cougar with the 289 V-8 used a different engine mount than '66 and '68-'70? Although this mount may look the same at a glance, it employs a different geometry than a '66 or '68-'70. Ford, in its infinite wisdom, changed the Mustang/Cougar engine mount for '67 only. To add insult to injury, a '67 Mustang/Cougar engine mount is very expensive compared to its '66 or '68-'70 counterpart. The nice thing about this engine-mount business is swapability. You can remove the '67 engine-mount bracket from your Mustang or Cougar and toss it into the metal recycling bin in a fit of insanity, then find yourself a '66 or '68-'70 Mustang/Cougar small-block mount bracket set for your '67 Mustang or Cougar. Then, go smile at your parts guy and ask for '68 Mustang small-block engine mounts, which cost less than half the amount of a '67 mount.

It's Got Cold Air!
Have you ever fumbled with a '65-'67 289 V-8 air-conditioning compressor mount and thought to yourself, There surely must be a better way? There is. Beginning in late '67 into '68, Ford went to an easy-to-adjust, simple-to-swap, air-conditioning-compressor mount for small-block Fords. Belt adjustment is a cinch. And there's virtually no belt chatter.