July 1, 2006

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As delivered, Frank's stroker kit, which includes flat-top pistons, retails for $1,549. Pro Power also has 383ci (3.750 inch stroke x 4.030-inch bore) and 408ci (4.000-inch stroke x 4.030-inch bore) at the same price with flat-top pistons. Each of these kits is available with dished pistons for an additional $50. While our kit is externally balanced, Dale had new internally balanced crankshafts available for an additional $100. "Now, with all that said," Dale hypothesized, "I believe that Franky's requirements could be achieved easily at a more affordable price with any of the above lower-price kits, but my choice would be the street/strip kit because of the unique dual-valve-relief Prime One forged pistons. This gives a flexible combo for head fitment and a super-strong custom-type piston to handle nitrous down the road. Typically, you would see a stock block fail before you broke rods and/or cranks in a kit of this level."