Jim Smart
December 1, 2010

Tremec TKO Features

  • Higher center distance from main shaft to countershaft, which allows for larger gear sizes and greater torque capacity.
  • Rugged design with internal three-rail shift system that includes cast-iron shift forks.
  • Close ratio units available (2.87:1 and 3.27:1) for racing.
  • Tapered roller bearings at the input, output, and countershafts for reduced noise and operational smoothness.
  • All gears and shafts made of ASTM 4615 steel that can take a lot of abuse.
  • High-performance, short throw billet aluminum shifter that isolates road noise while giving you crisp shifts.
  • Neutral safety switch and backup light sensor.
  • Eight shifter locations available.
  • Electronic and mechanical speedometer locations.
  • Three input shafts available.
  • Three unique crossmember locations.
  • 26-spline Input Shaft
  • 31-spline Output Shaft (calls for M-4841-A driveshaft yoke)
  • Requires M-6392-R58 bellhousing for '79-'95 Mustang
  • Requires M-5059-A crossmember for '82-'93 Mustang
  • '79-'81 Crossmember requires modification
  • M-7550-T302 101/2-inch clutch disc required
  • One overdrive ratio available for TKO 500-0.68:1
  • Two overdrive ratios available for TKO 600-0.64:1 and 0.82:1
  • Weight: 130 lbs

Tremec T-56 Features

  • Double overdrive provides extended overdrive range.
  • 10-Spline Input Shaft
  • 31-Spline Output Shaft
  • Lightweight cast-aluminum case for reduced weight and increased strength.
  • Tapered roller bearings to support main and countershafts for reduced noise and smooth operation.
  • Needle bearings throughout for improved durability and reduced shift effort.
  • Advanced synchronizer technology.
  • Constant mesh synchronized reverse gear.
  • Integral clutch adaptor with front cover end-loading design for increased driveline bending strength and greater adaptability.
  • Multiple shifter locations.
  • Torque capacities ranging from 330 to 550 ft/lb.
  • Weight: 115-129 lbs

Gear Ratios:

Give It The Boot
Unless you're using a California Pony Cars' classic Mustang shifter handle on your T-5, TKO, TR-3550, or T-56, you're going to need a late-model leather shifter boot to conceal your transmission's shifter. If you're running the classic-style shifter handle, you will probably run a classic-style rubber shifter boot. In any case, we like this leather shifter boot (M-7277-A) from Ford Racing. Once installed, it makes your classic or late-model Mustang's interior look crisp and ready for action. About $81, plus shipping and handling, will put this piece on your doorstep. It can be punched or drilled to match your classic Mustang's bolt hole pattern.