Jim Smart
December 1, 2010

Tremec World Class T-5* Features

  • Short-throw shifter
  • 310 ft-lb torque capacity
  • Double moly Second and Third gear countershaft cluster gears
  • Carbon-fiber 3-4 blocker rings
  • Improved synchronizers and bearings
  • 1.0625-inch diameter 10-spline input shaft (just like classic Top Loader)
  • 28-spline output shaft
  • 7-tooth speedometer drive gear
  • Cobra-style heavy-duty pocket bearing
  • Steel input bearing retainer
  • Weight: 83 pounds

First Gear:2.95:1
Second Gear:1.94:1
Third Gear:1.34:1
Fourth Gear:1.00:1 Straight Drive
Fifth Gear:0.63

Why buy a new Tremec T-5 from Ford Racing? Because of what it will cost you in time and money to rebuild an existing one unless you're restoring a classic Fox-body Mustang. The beauty of a new World Class T-5 is convenience and reliability. Order one from Ford Racing or Summit Racing Equipment for under $1,400.

*For 289/302/351W/351C and '67-up 200/250ci sixes only

Boneyard T-5 Facts
'83-'84 Mustang:2.95:11.94:11.34:11.00:10.72:1
'85-'89 Mustang:3.35:11.93:11.29:11.00:10.68:1

If you're going to rebuild an older T-5 transmission, look to D&D Performance in Detroit for most of the parts you'll need for a complete rebuild. At press time, a complete T-5 rebuild kit is $189. Hard and soft parts are also available.

** Ford also offered a 0.63:1 overdrive ratio in 1983.

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