Jim Smart
March 1, 2009

One of the most often asked questions we receive is, "How do I tighten up sloppy vintage Mustang steering?" Unfortunately, most undisturbed steering boxes are so worn out that adjustments will make little or no difference in steering quality. In fact, because many of these old worm and sector boxes are extremely worn, they're so deeply set into lifelong wear patterns that adjustment only makes things worse.

So what to do?

You can rebuild classic Mustang steering gears with parts and service from www.stangerssite.com, which does an outstanding job using high-quality parts. Rebuilding is a terrific idea if you desire the spot-on look and feel of a factory original steering gear. However, if originality doesn't matter and you want a new steering box for immediate installation, Flaming River Industries has solutions that will get you into crisp steering in an afternoon without waiting on a rebuild.

Ramon's Automotive in Palmdale, California, has an ongoing '65 Mustang restomod project car in its shop that needs a new steering gear. We called Flaming River and asked for suggestions for Ramon's in-house project. They suggested a new FR1497Q 16:1 ratio box with 1-inch sector and long steering shaft for '65-'66 Mustangs. To simplify the product line and control cost, Flaming River has four basic steering boxes for classic Mustangs-16:1 ratio and 19:1 ratio with a 1-inch sector shaft for '65-'66, and 16:1 and 19:1 ratio with a 1 1/8-inch sector shaft for '67-'70. Because '65-'67 Mustangs had a solid steering shaft from steering wheel to worm gear, Flaming River splines a coupling to both the worm shaft and steering shaft so you'll have a solid steering shaft. Once the steering column is assembled, you won't know it's there.

What To Order
PN FR1497-Q'65-'66 Mustang1" Sector16:1 RatioLong Shaft $544.95
PN FR1497-1Q'65-'66 Mustang1" Sector19:1 RatioShort Shaft $459.50
PN FR1497-1'65-'661" Sector19:1 RatioShort Shaft $459.50
PN FR1498'67-'70 1 1/8" Sector16:1 RatioShort Shaft $459.00
PN FR1498-1'67-'701 1/8" Sector16:1 RatioLong Shaft $575.00