Jim Smart
March 1, 2009

Blueprint a Top Loader
According to Marvin McAfee, you can blueprint your four-speed. Blueprinting is a fancy word for sweating the details. It's the tiny imperfections that can bite you. High spots and score marks in an input shaft will cause clutch disc hang up. Ditto for the clutch hub, which can have the same kind of flaws. Never install anything right out of the box because new doesn't mean flawless. Marvin has dressed the input shaft splines as well as output splines for smooth operation. He also dressed the McLeod clutch hub. His crowning touch is the use of a real clutch pilot bearing, not a bushing. A clutch pilot bearing will yield smoother, more reliable clutch operation, even on a stocker.

Parts Breakdown
Reverse Gear/Idler
Reverse Idler Gear (1)7142
Reverse Sliding Gear (1)7D223
Reverse Idler Gear Shaft7140
End Thrust Washers (2)7149
Retainer Washers (2)7D223
Needle Bearings (44)7D271
Cluster Gear/Countershaft
Countershaft/Cluster Gear (1)7113
Countershaft (1)7111
Thrust Washers (2)7119
Retainer Washers (2)378559-S
Needle Bearings (42)7121