Miles Cook
November 1, 2008

The red 4.6 four-valve-powered '67 GT500 convertible clone on our Oct. '07 cover gives a pretty good idea of what our friend Pete Waydo and his Reenmachine shop are capable of doing. Not only is Reenmachine adept at building ultra-cool restomod Mustangs, but the shop also has a line of intriguing bits and pieces you can install on your own car.

These decidedly modern billet-aluminum shift handles are but one of those components. They also couldn't be easier to install on any Mustang (vintage or late-model) that's equipped with a five-speed manual transmission, such as a T5, a T45, a TR3650, a Tremec TKO, or a T56 six-speed.

Our '67 Mustang subject car is already equipped with a T5 five-speed that was expertly installed by the five-speed swap specialists at Modern Driveline ( Our car was therefore a good excuse for us to stop in at Reenmachine one afternoon and have a look at the line of shift handles the company has available.