Jim Smart
January 2, 2007

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Tips to Stop Leaks
Mustang power-steering systems are well-known for leaking all over the place-in garages, on the driveway, and all over parking lots. First, determine the leak source. Most Bendix power-steering leakage comes from line fittings. When line flairs and inverted flairs don't mate properly, they leak. It isn't just about tightening a fitting firmly, it's about having a smooth marriage between flair and inverted flair. Without a clean fit, all the tightening in the world won't stop leakage.

Other leakage points include ram and control-valve seals. Seal leakage calls for control-valve or power-ram rebuilding, but determine why seal failure occurred. Examine seal-mating surfaces closely for scoring (scratches and nicks), which can damage seals.

Finally, seal and fluid compatibility is also important. Don't use late-model transmission and power-steering fluids, such as Mercon IV, in your classic Mustang's power steering. Older spec fluids, such as Type F, FA, and Dexron III, work quite well in Bendix and Saginaw power-steering systems.