Wayne Cook
June 1, 2008

We probably sound like a broken record to some because we're always singing the praises of Overdrive here at Mustang & Fords. It's indeed one of the most worthwhile conversions of all. If your classic Mustang is an around-town grocery-getter that makes it to an occasional cruise night on the weekends, then a final drive ratio of 1:1 likely doesn't bother you.

On the other hand, if you believe your Mustang was born to run on the open roads, then the addition of Overdrive will convert your classic Ford from a freeway buzz bomb into a quiet, smooth vehicle that can accomplish a 500-mile day with ease. If you've never experienced a classic Mustang with a Fifth gear, you should definitely try out a friend's conversion because it will seem almost miraculous as the transmission slips into Fifth and the tachometer drops from 3,000 rpm to 2,000.

One of the more interesting cars in M&F's stable right now is a '67 T-5 fastback. It's a perfect candidate for a five-speed conversion, as we're reluctant to drive it far from home because of the 1:1 final drive ratio. Just one hour on California's 405 freeway--with the tach pegged at 3,300 rpm trying to keep out in front of the trucks blowing by--gets old fast.

We were about to park the car in the back corner of the garage when Modern Driveline of Caldwell, Idaho, came to our rescue. Modern Driveline is a recognized leader when it comes to classic-Mustang manual-transmission conversions. Owner Bruce Couture has painstakingly engineered the Modern Drive-line T-5 Overdrive kits to install easily and fit right the first time. Only the most reliable components are used in their creation. Join us as we show you how to install one in your car.

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