Wayne Cook
March 30, 2005
Currie offers many different types of housing center sections. Thecenter section chosen will vary according to appearance, and how muchpower is expected. At the top is an early-Ford-style housing from1957-1966. Center and bottom are 1967-and-up, with the ring gear bulge,using larger diameter axletubes.

We have a friend who is building a '67 Fairlane restomod. He has decidedthe original 8-inch axle isn't going to cut it with the larger engine hehas planned.

He wants a 9-inch axle, but he doesn't have any parts to build one. Hecould comb the boneyards looking for a complete Ford axle with a nodulariron gear case, but the chances of finding one are slim. Evengarden-variety axle housings with the gray-iron cases have becomescarce. Used to be you had to go with a high-dollar aftermarket case andeither a junkyard or custom-made housing if you wanted the strength andreliability that the big Ford axle offers. However, with theintroduction of the new Currie 9-Plus line of axle components, it's nowpossible to build a complete Ford 9-inch axle, using all Currie parts.One of the best things about 9-Plus parts is the gear carrier, which issuperior in strength to either the Ford gray-iron or nodular-iron cases.When compared with a stock Ford part, the Currie gear case is reinforcedwith additional webbing in crucial areas.

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