Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
October 26, 2010
Photos By: Cars, Inc.

Modern Driveline's T5 Swap Cost

Ford Racing T5 Z Five-Speed TransmissionMD-552-0251$1,295
QuickTime SFI Six-Bolt BellhousingMD-401-6065$495
Kevlar/Organic Clutch SetMD-KS7-101$350
Hydraulic Clutch Master Cylinder KitMD-910-0012$235
Hydraulic Release Bearing KitMD-514-1400-30$360
Hydraulic Clutch Steel Braided AN Line-24-inchMD-514-139100-24$42
'67-'73 Mustang/Cougar T5 CrossmemberMD-6773M-CMT5$149
Transmission Mount, T5/TKO/C4MD-504-1101$19
Hurst Chrome Shift Lever, Classic StyleMD-504-1040$69
Hurst Shift Lever BootMD-504-1060$26
Hurst Shift Ball, Five-Speed Pattern, WhiteMD-504-1050$39
T5 Installation Hardware KitHWkit-T5$30
Flywheel, LBS, 157-tooth, 28-oz ImbalanceMD-LBS157-28$295
Flywheel Bolt Kit, 7/16-inch, Set of SixMD-403-1001$17
Pressure Plate Bolt Kit, 8mm, Set of SixMD-403-003$12
Amsoil ATF (three quarts)ATF$29
'69-'70 Mustang/Cougar Clutch PedalMD-402-6970M-C$160
'69-'73 Brake/Clutch Pedal Pad KitMD-412-6973-DB$29
'65-'70 Mustang Clutch Pedal Roller Bearing KitMD-504-1081$35

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