KJ Jones
March 21, 2011
Contributers: KJ Jones

In our opinion, anyone who thinks that the Mustang hobby is showing signs of slowing down or going away can’t be living in the same booming ’Stang world that we are. Yes, times definitely are very good for Mustang enthusiasts right now; the all-new, GT ’Stang and its 5.0-liter engine are two of the main reasons why this is so.

At this point, we’re actually far removed from further hyping the Coyote 5.0. Plain-and-simple, it’s a badass bullet, and when tied to an ’11’s six-speed Getrag transmission, the motor highlights a drivetrain combo that brings great memories of the old days flooding back for original 5.0/-5-speed fans like us. Getting your shift on in a hot, new ’Stang is arguably one of the best aspects of owning one. However, like most Mustangs before their time, ’11s suffer from one major deficiency (in our opinion) that takes away from the gear-grabbing experience just a bit--the weak, cheap (that’s right, we called it cheap) factory shifter.

The Barton Industries 2011 Mustang shifter we’re featuring this month came to our attention via the Internet and the company’s non-viral YouTube video (we look everywhere for products to tell you about in TI) detailing the shifter’s installation. We thought it would be cool to produce our own reality showof sortswith Barton’s stout, new selector (PN 2011BM-2; $349) and optional shifter-hanger (PN 2011BM-4), so we made arrangements with our friends at GTR High Performance to perform an installation for our cameras, and see for ourselves what the differences are on Frank Lanzas’ Kenne Bell-blown, ’11 GT.

As you tell by the accompanying photos and captions (and Barton’s YouTube demo), the removal/replacement procedure for this short-throw shifter assembly is as easy as it was in the old T-5 (and Tremec T-45/3560) days. The 2011’s six-speed features a similar socket/pivot design, a simple assortment of handtools, and some manner of safely raising the car high enough to access the hanger are all one needs to accomplish the swap.

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