KJ Jones Senior Technical Editor
September 1, 2009
Extreme Automotive technician Chris Cardilino checks out the clutch-pedal action in his '99 Mustang GT after installing Steeda's bolt-on, adjustable pedal stop (PN 555-7025; $24.95). The stop is recommended for New Edge ('99-'04) Mustang owners who manually bang gears in motorsports events, or those who simply desire a lower position for the clutch pedal, as well as a firmer, more positive feel.

While we'd love to take credit for being so clairvoyant that we simply know exactly which products-new or old-5.0 Mustang & Super Fords readers want to learn more about each month here in Tech Inspection, the truth is that the hard-core-and even the softer-core-'Stang gear featured in this section of the magazine oftentimes is determined by our readers.

You may recall reading Bill Clemmons' question about tricks he can try to help his '03 Cobra leave the starting line better at the dragstrip. Bill's letter was featured as our QA section's Virgin of the Month (April '09, p. 147), and in response to his query, we suggested installing Steeda's adjustable clutch-pedal stop (PN 555-7024; $24.95).

Thanks to Bill and his letter, we decided to go ahead and take a closer look at exactly what goes into installing the suggested part, because the more we think about it, the more Steeda's clutch-pedal stop really does seem like a cool piece to check out.

The stop (designed specifically for '99-'04 Mustangs with manual transmissions) bolts directly to the clutch pedal assembly and allows drivers to adjust the pedal's standing (non-depressed) height and travel. We thought it would be a good way for Bill to improve his reaction time, as well as the Snake's performance and consistency out of the hole, and banging gears on its way down the 1,320. We also thought about adding a clutch-pedal stop due to the fact that racing-style clutches have a quicker release than stock pieces, requiring shorter pedal travel in order to limit the chances of damaging the diaphragm.

So with broadening our do-it-yourself readers' bolt-on-tech horizons as our primary motivation, the following photos and captions cover Extreme Automotive's Chris Cardilino as he attaches the device to the clutch pedal in his '99 Mustang GT. The install process involves only a few seconds of bench assembly and a few additional minutes under the dash (provided you're as thin, nimble, and able to crawl under a New Edge 'Stang's dash as Chris). Good finger dexterity and two wrenches or sockets (10mm and 11mm) are the only skills and tools required.

Seriously, this one's easy, and it works great when it's done.