K.J. Jones
June 13, 2007
Photos By: Patrick Hill

Once the bearings are lubed and installed, Gerry adds this stout heavy-duty countershaft reinforcement plate. This brutish retainer is capable of standing up to 500 lb-ft of torque. It fortifies the rear part of the tranny's main case and allows a prescribed 2 in-lb of preload on the countershaft gear.

With the countershaft installed, Gerry moves onto the A-Five's mainshaft assembly, and begins by positioning the First-, Second-, and Reverse-gear slider on the mainshaft's hub. On the Second-gear side of the shaft, synchronizer/blocking rings are installed and secured with spiral locks. This allows Gerry to flip the shaft over and position First gear, its synchronizers, and bearings.

A clamp-style shaft collar is used to hold the First-gear components in place on the mainshaft.

Third and Fourth gears are added to the mainshaft and this synchronizer assembly follows. Each synchronizer is overhauled with new dogs and springs prior to installation.

The A-Five mainshaft assembly, installed over the countershaft.

After pressing the input-shaft bearing against Fourth gear, Gerry installs 15 needle bearings in the pocket of the input shaft. Transmission assembly lube works well at holding needle bearings in place.