K.J. Jones
June 13, 2007
Photos By: Patrick Hill

A Torrington bearing, washer, and the Fourth-gear synchros and dog rings follow. Gerry pushes the Fourth-gear/input-shaft combination through the front of the case.

Astro's all-steel bearing retainer is slipped over the input shaft and secured with only two bolts, allowing for completion of the trans assembly.

A rear, mainshaft bearing and race must be installed before the 0.79 overdrive Fifth gear is added.

By completely encapsulating the Fifth-gear snap ring (an OEM piece), the mainshaft spacer shown here literally locks the Road Race Fifth gear. A second snap ring is installed in another groove cut into the mainshaft, creating what Astro calls a double snap ring.

The double protection assures us that Fifth and other mainshaft gears won't break a snap ring under high-rpm shifting.