KJ Jones
July 25, 2007

The new ACT clutch (left) measures 0.358-inch thickness and the original disc is worn down to 0.281 inch. The difference in the feel of the pedal and overall smoothness is quite noticeable.

Cleaning parts (in this case, the block protector) is one of the tasks that must be performed when replacing a clutch. We recommend also doing some preventative maintenance/repairs, such as replacing the rear-main seal if it's leaking. Leaking is usually a problem of an older 5.0.

An alignment tool (PN ATFC10) is included with the ACT clutch kit. This makes it easier for Chris to match the splines in the clutch disc with those on the input shaft of the transmission. The pressure plate is usually shipped with a thin film of oil on the surface, which protects it from rust. Spraying the plate with brake cleaner is a good idea.

Once the clutch assembly is installed, Rick and Chris raise Caesar's T5 back into the transmission tunnel and bolt it to the engine. Flywheel bolts are torqued to 75 lb-ft and pressure plate bolts are torqued to 35 lb-ft. A few drops of blue Loctite help ensure the bolts stay secure.

Once the transmission is back in place, completing the clutch job is simply a matter of reconnecting the wiring harnesses and hard parts such as the driveshaft, exhaust, and starter, then bringing the car back down. When the clutch cable is reinstalled, don't forget to snap the retainer clip back into place. The cable is basically the clutch's linkage and it operates the clutch fork. A non-functioning clutch can leave you stranded if the cable ever becomes dislodged.

Taking care of the interior items is one of the final steps of a clutch-swap. Rick reinstalls Caesar's shifter and center console, and properly adjusts the clutch cable by repetitively pumping the pedal a few times, pushing it down, and using his toe to pull it back up.

A road test is the final step. Putting a few easy miles on a new clutch helps seat it. Rick says the ACT clutch is smooth and requires little pedal effort as it engages about an inch and a half from the floor, and it doesn't seem to have the chatter or choppiness that he's experienced with other clutches GTR has installed.