January 1, 2005

In our June '04 issue, we walked you through the inside of Tremec's new TKO-500 and TKO-600 transmissions ("New Contenders," p. 100). We told you about the company's ground-pounding torque takers that feature true billet shifter assemblies included with the transmissions, a first for Tremec. We even said the new Tremec shifter would challenge the aftermarket to improve upon it. Funny thing how some people enjoy a challenge, isn't it? That's just like the engineering mavens at Steeda Autosports.

While on a visit to photograph Steeda's latest suspension gear, the 5-Link 2, Steeda's new Vice President of Manufacturing and Engineering William Mathis took us aside and gave us the old "you need to check this out" nudge. We obliged and snuck into the depths of Steeda's R&D facility to take a firsthand peek at the company's new TKO-500/600 Tri-Ax shifter design.

What you see here is one of Steeda's Tri-Ax models in its final inspection and "sign off" phase before production starts (which should be by the time you read this). The new TKO shifter (PN 555-7456) retails for $199.98. So, if you're lucky enough to have a TKO-500/600, now Steeda has a Tri-Ax shifter for you too.

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