Jim Smart
February 12, 2014
7 Here are three types of clutch friction discs, from left to right — metallic segmented, Kevlar, and organic.
8 The McLeod RST Twin-Disc clutch from Modern Driveline is designed for high-performance street use and employs organic clutches for smooth yet rock solid engagement. You get twice the friction without the harshness.
9 This is a good example of “Marcel” or disc compression. Marcel is the amount of clutch disc compression that occurs when you release the clutch pedal. Organic clutch frictions compress more than Kevlar or metallic, which makes them more suitable for street use.
10 Modern Driveline offers a variety of steel, aluminum, and steel/aluminum combo flywheels for all Mustang generations and applications. Replace your flywheel if scoring is excessive and thickness goes beyond factory specifications. Closely examine the starter ring gear teeth for damage and replace if necessary.
11 Bruce strongly recommends bellhousing alignment using a dial indicator to get your bellhousing centered on the crankshaft’s centerline. This makes for easier transmission installation, enhances shifting, and eliminates damaging side loads on the transmission input shaft and clutch pilot.
12 The Mustang’s original Z-bar clutch release system was cheap and effective, but wore out quickly. Binding points and poor mechanical advantage make it a poor choice for your clutch release system.
13 Here are three different clutch equalizer bars, also known as Z-bars due to their shape. From left to right are ’65-’66 V-8 original, reproduction, and new-old-stock. None are up to the task of a powerful high-performance Long Style clutch because they will bend and fold over under the load.
14 Not only is the factory Z-bar clutch linkage not up to the task of a stiff high-performance clutch, it is not as adjustable as it should be.
15 There are two basic types of clutch forks for classic Mustangs—wire style (left) and slide on (right). Slide on is the better of the two, which first saw use in 1967.
16 This is the Muscle Z-Bar fully adjustable clutch linkage for classic Mustangs from Modern Driveline. It will not fold over under the high stress of a stiff Long Style clutch. The beauty of the Muscle Z-Bar is adjustable Heim and spherical joints throughout for a minimum of frictional losses.
17 Modern Driveline’s clutch cable kits for ’65-’04 Mustangs are fully adjustable and require virtually no maintenance throughout the life of the cable.
18 This is Modern Driveline’s ‘71-‘73 Mustang Clutch Cable Kit, which is fully adjustable and offers buttery smooth operation. When you combine the clutch cable package with a Superior diaphragm clutch and flywheel, clutch operation will never feel the same again.
19 Easily the most dramatic change in vintage Mustang clutch operation comes from Modern Driveline’s Hydraulic Clutch Conversion Kits, which use the power of fluid under pressure to make light work of clutch operation. This is a bolt-on swap you can accomplish in your garage over a weekend.
20 This is the clutch pedal helper spring, which reduces clutch pedal effort. When you install a cable or hydraulic clutch release system, remove this spring.
21 Solid clutch and brake pedal support and function come from Scott Drake’s Pedal Support Roller Bearing kit #C5ZZ-2478-RB, which can be installed in an afternoon. This kit gets rid of the factory’s pin and bushing approach. Once you’ve installed the Scott Drake roller bushing kit, you will never have to worry about sloppy pedal function again.