Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
December 16, 2013

For Steve Wilkes, aka Mustang Steve, figuring out a way to adapt modern brakes, manual overdrive transmission, and other goodies to enhance the driving experience of his '66 fastback led to his rising list of products on his Mustang Steve website. For his T-5 manual trans swap, he developed his own cable clutch conversion kit that is one of his top sellers. Steve's cable clutch conversion kit, like all of Steve's parts, uses as many OE Ford parts as possible to facilitate future servicing or road-side repairs.

"We use the same cable as the Ford Racing M7553-E302, which is readily available from Ford or other vendors, as well as through me," Steve explains.

Steve's kit can be ordered several ways, including a base kit that you assemble yourself (welding required). You can also purchase master kits that include pre-modified clutch pedals and a pedal support with ball bearing shaft conversion (also sold separately). These are available for '65-'68 Mustangs and '67-'68 Cougars. The design of the Mustang Steve kit introduces a constant radius lever that pulls the cable straight through the firewall, reducing effort and wear on the cable. Essentially, Steve has taken the design aspects of the Fox Mustang cable clutch and retrofitted the design to the vintage Mustang, while adding adjustability to the design (what many Fox owners do with aftermarket firewall adjusters and cables as well).

Steve's kit can be ordered several ways, including a base kit that you assemble yourself (welding required)

Ron Morris Performance

When it comes to clutch conversions, Ron Morris Performance (RMP) offers two different cable clutch systems. These two kits are for '65-'68 Mustang applications using a late-model cable Mustang bellhousing (Fox Mustang or aftermarket equivalent) for modern five-speed transmissions like the T-5 and other aftermarket Tremec five-speeds. The first kit RMP offers is for '65-'66 Mustangs and requires drilling one hole in the firewall over the master cylinder for cable routing. This kit pulls the cable from directly over the top of the pedal with an adapter and clears power brake boosters. It also features a firewall adjuster for easy on-car adjustments. The second kit that RMP offers is for '65-'68 Mustangs and is a "no-drill" solution, as it routes the clutch cable through the original clutch rod hole in the firewall and connects to the clutch pedal and clutch pedal support via custom brackets. This kit is adjustable as well, but uses a threaded cable end at the clutch fork instead of a firewall adjuster because in the case of this kit, the outer cable sheath actually moves in the engine compartment to actuate the clutch fork.

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