October 1, 2009

When Ford introduced the S197 Mustang for 2005, it didn't seem possible to improve on it because it was so darned good right off the assembly line. It was the hottest looking and best performing Mustang since the 1960s.

But even Ford knew there was room for improvement, which is why the company worked so closely with the aftermarket industry during the car's development. Summit Racing Equipment has also looked closely at the S197 Mustang and has been doing a lot of listening since 2005 to bring us a wealth of performance goodies, including these super affordable heavy-duty adjustable sway bars for '05-'09 Mustangs. You can bolt these bars onto your S197 Mustang for under $400. They're easy to install to reduce body roll.

Glenn and Julie Eldridge of Southern California are having a ball with their '07 GT/CS coupe. They've added a lot of subtle upgrades to improve drive quality without disturbing the car's original demeanor. Marlo's Frame & Alignment has already lowered ride height and improved handling with aftermarket springs, so now we're installing Summit's SUM-720223 (front) and SUM-720224 (rear) sway bars to reduce body roll in hard cornering, thereby improving stability and safety.

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