Donald Farr
Former Editor, Mustang Monthly
October 1, 2009

For Brett, the 9-inch added strength, improved braking at the rear, and a gear upgrade from stock 2.80s to 3.50s for better off-the-line acceleration from his 289-powered Mustang. After a week or so of driving with the new rearend, Brett said, "I can tell a definite increase in the get up and go! It feels so much stronger. It is nice to go down the road and not hear that old hum-hum coming from the back."

John's Industries has been providing quality 9-inch third members, rear axles, and housings to the musclecar, street rod, and drag race market for the past 30 years. A variety of 9-inch assemblies are available, and the various components are available separately.

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