Miles Cook
July 1, 2009
Here's the completed installation of the TCP coilover shock on the driver side of our '69 Mustang. If your existing stock or aftermarket upper control arms are in good condition, then they will work just fine with this new system. If you need new upper arms, the TCP versions are the best match for these newly-designed coilovers.

For many years, Total Control Products has been a significant player in the vintage Mustang aftermarket suspension arena. And for good reason. The company's product line is simply top-notch; the quality level and functional aspects of its equipment are as good or better than any other.

A mainstay in TCP's vintage Mustang suspension options are coilover shock conversions. Cool goodies to be sure--about the only drawback is the cost. For the most part, spending upwards of $2,000 or more has been the norm, due to the fact that a typical system, including TCP's outstanding setup that's still offered, requires dedicated upper and lower control arms.

Now the significant benefits of a coilover setup, which include the ability to use softer spring rates for a better ride quality, are available from TCP with its recently introduced "bolt-on" system for well under $1,000. The major upside is that this new arrangement works with stock upper control arms or even arms from other manufacturers. Of course, as we show here, the system also works with standard coil-spring TCP upper arms if you happen to already have a set on your car.

Not only does TCP make excellent Mustang suspension parts, its installation instructions are among the best in the aftermarket, so when we headed to TCP dealer Reenmachine for its top-notch installation know-how, we knew that getting the whole setup installed on our trusty '69 Mustang project car would be a doable procedure in one day.

Starting in the morning, including the installation of a set of new TCP upper control arms and shooting our photos, Reenmachine's Pete Waydo had the package installed in time for a trip to Marlo's Frame and Alignment for a front-end alignment the next day.

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