Miles Cook
June 1, 2009

For proper suspension alignment on lowered Mustangs, caster/camber plates have always been a good idea. We've covered their installation on Fox and SN-95 Mustangs in the past, and this time we're taking a look at a set of plates being installed on the current Mustang.

Maximum Motorsports has always been a supplier of top-quality caster/camber plates for Foxes and SN-95s. The tradition continues with this version for S197s, which includes all Mustangs produced in the five-year run from '05 to '09.

A requirement for any lowered '05-'09 Mustang, the Maximum Motorsports plates have separate adjustments for both caster and camber to provide the largest continuous range of alignment settings possible, thus allowing correction of the excessive negative camber caused by lowering. Even a car lowered as much as 2½ inches can be aligned to factory specs.

Installation takes a couple of hours. We recently stopped in at MM's in-house shop to see the plates being installed on the company's Screaming Yellow '05 Mustang GT test car.

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