Jim Smart
July 1, 2008

Lines For Every Application
Classic Tube offers prebent lines for nearly every classic Mustang application. For the lines it doesn't offer, you can send the company your original prebent line for fabrication. Also available is high-quality 304 stainless steel prebent by the inch, up to 240 inches. Stainless steel provides a rich look that conventional galvanized steel lines don't. Be advised that, although attractive, it's more challenging to work with because it's a harder, more brittle steel. This means special attention to detail during installation. You'll need to loosen and tighten fittings until the flares seat and leaks stop. We suggest lubricating all fittings during installation, which improves sealing.

Steel tubing is available as 304 stainless, cold-rolled low-carbon, and Galfan, which is extremely corrosion resistant. Galfan can withstand a 4,000-hour salt spray, which makes it perfect for show car and daily driver alike. Tubing sizes range from 3/16-inch to 3/8-inch.

If You Mess Up...And Even If You Don't
If you've ever fabricated your own brake and fuel lines, you know bends sometimes happen in error. Rolls of tubing can also come out of the box with annoying bends that are hard to get rid of. The Tube Straightener from Classic Tube eliminates the annoyance for those working with 3/16- to 1/2-inch steel and aluminum tubing.