Miles Cook
July 20, 2007

In addition to vintage cars, the crate rearends are also available for '79-'93 Fox Mustangs. Those years use this 59-1/2-inch-wide housing. Included are the required stock suspension brackets installed to accept the Fox Mustang's upper and lower control arms. Urethane upper control arm bushings are also installed in the upper control arm housing brackets. For four-lug Fox applications, order PN FDM7993X4; five-lug setups are PN FDM7993X5. The crate rearend program doesn't cover SN-95 ('94-'04) Mustangs because they use a wider 60-3/4-inch ('94-'98) or 61-1/4-inch ('99-'04) housing. It's not possible to integrate the SN-95's internally mounted ABS sensor system, which is inside the centersection of SN-95 8.8 rearends. A 9-inch rear can be custom-ordered in the proper width for an SN-95, but it won't have provisions for ABS. That's not a problem on open-track or drag cars, or if ABS in the back isn't a priority.

A complete, ready-to-install Currie 9-inch rearend is now available for '05-'07 Mustangs. Now that S197s in supercharged or turbo-charged form are pushing the 600hp threshold, there's certainly a place for this setup. Features include a Currie 9-Plus heavy-duty housing, 9-Plus late-model large-bearing housing ends, jig-mounted factory brackets, and Currie performance axles. The rearend also retains the factory rear disc brakes and all ABS equipment. As a direct bolt-in installation, there are the usual benefits of the 9-inch design, including the easily changed third-member assembly, heavy-duty third-member upgrades, and a choice of gear ratios from 2.47 to 7.33. This package is also compatible with stock, Currectrac, or other aftermarket control arms.