Jim Smart
January 1, 2007

Restomod has been something of a renaissance for vintage Mustang owners. Twenty years ago, the trend was more toward restoring classic Mustangs to factory-original condition, with fierce competition for trophies and national recognition. When concours judging and showing became too stressful, some shelved their reproduction Autolite Sta-Ful batteries and parked their trailers to cultivate a different approach to the Mustang hobby. Refreshingly, they started driving their Mustangs, following a new-yet-old trend we've come to know as restomod.

As a way of describing tastefully modified classic Mustangs, the restomod name stuck, and the sensation has grown ever since. A lot of new products have come out of the restomod movement over the past 12 years. One of those products is the Street Force suspension system from Ron Morris Performance (RMP), now available from Mustangs Plus, a company that has been at the leading edge of the restomod movement for more years than the word "restomod" has been around.

Last month, we installed a rack-and-pinion steering system on Laurie Slawson's '68 Mustang fastback. At the same time, we installed the new Street Force tubular suspension system from Ron Morris Performance, a company specializing in new and innovative ways to improve classic and late-model Mustang performance.

The secret behind the Ron Morris Street Force system is mechanical freedom, something not found in early-Mustang factory suspension. The Street Force system has fully articulating control arms and strut rods, which enables it to "give" in ways a stock system never could. When you add adjustable coilover shocks, the Ron Morris system gives your classic Mustang a whole new feel and attitude.